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3D jewelry models

For many years, jewelers have been making products by hand; it was a difficult and painstaking work, which took a lot of time and effort. The rapid development of technology in the last decade, led to the same rapid growth in computer technology and software. In today's world 3d modeling and prototyping are the leaders in the jewelry industry.

The main advantages of 3D modeling are: implementation of work of any complexity, adjustment of the product at any stage of the modeling, calculation of size and weight of the product, possibility of rendering - visualization of jewelry 3d models with embedded stones and using the natural color of the metal.

Advantages of 3D modeling:
- Big time savings compared to creating products by hand;
- 3D modeling provides precise symmetrical lines;
- You can quickly modify or alter a 3D model;
- On the basis of a single product, you can quickly create a lineup;
- Exact design basing on the sketch sizes. Image, photography, drawing, etc. also can be used with indication of main dimensions , the rest will be created in proportions;
- Through visualization, you can see on the monitor not only a created model, but also how it would look with gems and the "real" color of the metal;
- Possibility of calculation of future product’s weight;

In other words, with the help of 3D modeling a piece of jewelry of any complexity can be created.